This page used to be a lot different. I was happy telling the story that was here, which was true, but then I got an email from the son of one of the administrators I named on this page. Turns out this particular administrator has grandkids now, they stumbled on this page, and asked about it. The son asked me politely to take it down, which I appreciate, because the administrators at Redmond High School I dealt with at that time would have just started screaming monosyllabic insults and threatening me, kind of like baboons. I must point out that the son was well spoken, and a gentleman.

The way the administrators at RHS behaved was unprofessional and completely unacceptable by today's standards, but that should not have to affect their kids and grandkids. After all, there was a Principal there who could have gotten control of the situation, but he chose to look the other way and let the situation deteriorate, so I can only partially blame the guy I mentioned (that doesn't make him innocent - I think Nazi Death Camp Guards can't use the "Good German/Just Carrying Out Orders" defense, either).

I have done horrible things in my time, and I take full responsibility (unlike those simian psuedo-educators that populated the administration and counseling staff). But I would never want those things to hurt my family, they didn't make me do them, I WANTED to :-)

So if what I wrote before has hurt anyone's feelings, I apologize. I really never thought anyone would ever read this, to be honest! It's just here so my students will stop bugging me for hippie stories.


BUT, I wanted to leave this picture here. This was what was going on at good old Redmond High School during those years. This happened at lunch, while the teachers and administrators were doing God Knows What in the teacher's lounge. it came from my yearbook, my junior year.

Does this look like some kind of activity you would want your kids engaged in while at school?

I'll say no more :-)