Arthur Leigh Allen, suspected to be the Zodiac Killer. He denied it.

My old man, whom I suspected of being the Zodiac Killer. He never denied it, and there is no evidence to prove he was not the Zodiac Killer. I rest my case.

Here's where I made a big mistake:

I didn't stay in Ashland, or move to a city and look for a teaching job (or any job) and keep with the music, I went back to my parent's house after I graduated.


I graduated in December, figured I would go back to the folks house for the Xmas vacation and get my bearings.

Bad idea! My old man would not talk, he just stared at me, slowly chewing as if he was planning my murder. I believe he was - I always thought he was the Zodiac Killer when that was going on. You may think I'm paranoid, but just look at these pictures and tell me my suspicions weren't justified! Put a pair of glasses on Arthur Leigh Allen, a smile on his face and you have a match, my friend!

Maupin, Oregon - population 75 on the banks of the Deschutes river. Great fishing, but not a real cosmopolitan locale.

So it was get the hell out or be murdered in my sleep, I figured - the Andersons are famous for abandoning family members on icebergs, mysterious disappearances, etc., and I was not about to join those losers. I used to call the placement office at Southern Oregon everyday, praying for a miracle, when about a week before Xmas, Hey presto! There's a sudden opening in Maupin, Oregon, a million miles from anywhere and the smallest school in the state. The old band director lost his mind from isolation and walked out the door - I figured isolation is better than being murdered, so right after Xmas I get in my car in a whiteout blizzard, and drive halfway across the state to interview with a bunch of potato farmers, who comprise the School Board. The other 2 candidates didn't show of course, because the roads were supposed to be closed. Closed, shmozed! I can drive in anything, turn up the Coltrane and floor it! One of the School Board members drawled, "Well, I guess you got yerself a job, son. Head on over to the mo-tel and tell 'em you want the teacher's trailer".

Sure as heck, there was a single wide trailer right next to the log decks. Every dimwit who took a job here lived in it until they went nuts. I enter the world of education!